66. B /\ C K \/\/ /\ R D S

Hey guys!

So I guess it IS possible to post two days in a row. YAY ME!
Although keeping my solemn oath turned out to be not as easy as it seemed. But I'll keep trying!

This post is called BACKWARDS well..because it kind of is. Flaming perfectionist that I am, I tried to overcome the unnecessary need to always shoot at a perfect location in the perfect sunlight wearing a perfect outfit and having a perfect make up and hairdo. Life is anything but perfect, right?

So this is just me, coming back home from work, shot in a flyover wearing a wrinkled and torn (on purpose, of course) shirt, slightly dirty shoes, going through a massive bedhead situation and jumping around like a crazy person instead of proper ice queen glamorous posing (which I can't do anyway, haha). Can you accept me for that? Or, for that matter, can I accept myself? I really don't know yet.
Maybe you can tell?

All I can say is that I don't want my real self to only appear on the backstage of the blog.*

After hours



Hey everyone!

Summer in Moscow has already kicked off, which means it's time to make a to-do list (check!) which includes the best this city can offer: local food markets, outdoor lectures, open-air cinemas, and last, but not the least, music festivals! I already managed to miss a couple of them, due to unfortunate work/study situation, so Ahmad music festival was my first this summer. While there's a lot inspirational Coachella-and-so-on stuff happening on the internet, I chose to wear something simple and low-key: some black and white basics (see t-shirt and biker jacket), something to cover my head from the sun and/or rain (see felt bowler hat), something distressed - a must for summer festivals (see hotpants) and a little something to finish off the ensemble (see satchel only big enough to fit phone, concert tickets and a disposable camera; pink sunnies and b&w slip-ons to match the top of the look).

What festivals are you going to attend this summer? Tell me in the comments below!

See you soon,





It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

 Exams are here! As you know, I am a fourth-year student at the faculty of journalism, so the end of may-beginning of june sounds just like that. Warm, sunny weather and loads of stuff to do and exams to pass is a terrible combination.Those who invented exams in the summer must have hated the humanity, haha.
But anyway, I'll try and do my best with posting as much as I can during this time!

So today I tried pulling off quite a lazy look. I didn't straighten my hair, so it was perfect for a pretty messy (and tiny, ) bun. Also, I'm sporting a few of my latest purchases - a croptop (only flattering, of course, if worn with high-waisted bottoms) and sandals (a.k.a. fake Birkenstocks). Both black, both criss-cross.
Oh, since we are on the subject of Birkenstocks: what's your opinion on them? 
I remember a few years back when my whole family got those for orthopaedic reasons, I totally hated them and pretty soon threw them away. Can you imagine how sorry I felt when I realized that as of may 2014, when Birkenstocks have conquered the fashion world, my father looks more fashionable than me?
I got these cheap ones from H&M, but now I'm thinking of placing an order for a certain Arizona pair..

So, the question of the day is LOVE or LOATHE?
I would go with love. What about you?



63. Subway chic

Just yesterday at lunch I've been discussing an unfortunate matter of me having no time to blog between working at the office/event space and resting at home. Add almost-always-awful-too-wet-cloudy-or/and-cold weather that Moscow generously offers us to that lifestyle, and you get an explanation of my lack of outfit posting. Most European bloggers might not have this issue, but us Russian girls have to be very brave to keep up with outfit posts during the winter (which, believe me, lasts almost FOREVER) and also manage to look chic without risking our health.

But as of today, I, Anna Kotlyarova, rookie fashion blogger, solemnly swear to start posting more and more every week. Even if it means I will have to take pictures in more casual everyday outfits, and even if I have to take them on my way to/from work. Let's see how it turns out!

Subway chicSubway chic


62. Bucket list

Hey guys!

 There were a lot of things on my bucket list for this trip (see below), although the need to buy warm clothes was not one of them. Like I've mentioned in my last post, Istanbul's weather turned out to be hard to predict. So half of what I'm wearing in these pictures is what I had to buy to feel comfortable walking around this beautiful, but unexpectedly-cold-for-the-month-of-may city. My love for minimalistic monochrome outfits strikes again in yet another casual-vacation-type look. The sweater and the shoes were an istant love-love-l-o-v-e. Simple, comfy and seemingly trendy. What else do you need when on vacation?