Can't believe it's the end of February already - seems like it was yesterday that I was out celebrating new year's and such with my friends (which happened several times throughout dec and jan). But all I can do now is reminisce, since I have too much university stuff to handle to even dream of parties. Seems like lately I've been dealing with more issues than dreams, really. But, as we all well know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I decided to take a break to shoot this outfit.
I'm so glad I can finally wear my Dr. Martens and bare my ankles (turns out, these few centimeters of bare skin between the pants and the shoes really do make a difference). But on the top I still have to go for layering, because let's face it - this is the only way to keep warm in unpredictable weather conditions. While I was writing this, a line from Holy Grail came to mind, which, in my opinion, describes current weather in Moscow perfectly: one day you're screaming you love me loud, the next day you're so cold haha.
Anyway, Im's so excited for the spring to come! Ditching the coats (which I love so very much, but, nevertheless, get tired of wearing them in the long months of winter), opting for crazier outfit choices, buying new shoes... I die thinking about it.

Tell me, what makes you excited about spring?

Happy Thursday everyone!




Hey guys!

Today I'd like to share a throwback outfit post. We've shot this one in the beginning of winter, when all the Christmas decorations have just been put up and holiday spirit was all around us. Nevertheless, I think this outfit would go perfectly now, in the end of winter. Why? Well, let's see.
First of all, it's totally weather-appropriate (and you know how important that is to me) thanks to this chic lilac fur coat by one of the most talented outerwear designers in Moscow, Luda Nikishina. Second of all, the all-black ensemble of leather pants+cami top+ankle boots has been my go-to outfit all these months, and boy did I get a lot of attention in those! The leather pants instantly add a cool, rock'n'roll vibe to any outfit, and this here is no exception. 
As you may all well know, for both my personal and work life I tend to choose black, black, and maybe some more black. It is actually the one color that makes me feel totally confident, and therefore, is lucky for me. And I think it never hurts to wear sunglasses – even if it’s snowing :)
I wish you all a great day!




Hey guys!

As you all know, fashion has a habit of repeating itself, and, turns out, so do I. Since this outfit reminds me of the one I did exactly a year ago - with a cosy grey sweater and a leather piece on the bottom to match - I feel like I am my own outfit timehop, haha.


By the way, you may have noticed that in terms of blog posts I have decided to go for quantity rather than..well.. not exactly quality, but you know. I figured I should share my everyday style more often (rather than wait for to-die-for outfits in super-amazing locations, you know?) so that's what I'll be doing in the nearest future (except for when Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia begins - I have a whole lot planned). Hope you'll support my decision with your views and comments :)

See you soon!



Fringe is the only F-word you need to know this season. From suede jackets to leather bags to ponchos, shoes and even bikinis – this particular 70s style is going to be everywhere this spring. To be honest, the last time I've worn something with fringe was in middle school, when I cut my t-shirts into strips and tie little knots on the bottoms to make it look fringed. Sometimes I'd even add beads, if I had some around. But my hand-made stage is soo far away in the past that the only way I can satisfy my own weird craving for fringe is buy a few new pieces. So here I made a list of things with fringe I could accept in my wardrobe. I hope you'll like it!



With the fashion week season quickly descending upon us, it's time to go through our last-season favorites. Alena Akhmadullina spring-summer collection was one of mine. Besides being one of the most important names of the Russian fashion scene, Alena Akhmadullina is a great example of a local brand working on an international level. 
Perhaps, I was one of the first people outside of the brand to see this collection – it was presented within Open Russian Fashion in Milan. So long before those pieces hit the catwalk, I was able to see them (not to mention feel and even steam them, haha). It looked sooo pretty simply hanging on the racks – can you imagine how stunning it looked on the models? I fell in love (as always, guilty). Here below are my favorite pieces: from puffy skirts to fringe accessories, to flatform shoes to dreamy fabrics. I have my highest hopes for the upcoming season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, and, of course, Alena's new collection.

Untitled-1 DF



Hey guys!

I have some exciting news - blog hiatus is officially O-V-E-R! I'm back for good. Before I start digging into last-year archives, I'd like to share this fresh look with you.

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