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Hey guys!

Latest news: there has been a dramatical change of weather (late August to mid-October in just one weekend), the work is starting to pile up (three months of intense fashion coming up), and last but not least, I have received my iHerb order (yay).

I'm not ready to post as frequently as last week, but here are a few pics of me simple enjoying myself on what feels like a winter night. Just to let you know that I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of me updating the blog :)
Outfit credits below, if you're curious.

See you soon!

Baby, it's cold outside



Few things sadden me more than summer's end. The slowest, laziest, warmest season of the year is almost over, and ordinarily, I would be crushed. This summer hasn't been perfect, and though it featured travels to Milan and Istanbul and numerous other (often internal) events and changes, I am still more psyched for the fall to come. It will be crazy interesting, it will be terrifically hard, but I sense it will be so worth it. I have so many expectations for the end of the year, I can't even bring myself to say it out loud. To name a few: serious work and school projects in September, new season of MBFWRussia in October, my 21st birthday in November. Keep your fingers crossed for me and stay tuned, because you are gonna love what's coming next.

What makes you most excited about the fall? Tell me in the comments below 




Morning, guys!

Boy, did I have to get up early today. And for a chance to shoot a new outfit post for ya before work – TOTALLY WORTH IT!
So...this dress happened. I think this is the shortest my dress has ever gotten, but no worries – I'm wearing shorts underneath. Oh, how I wish every short dress came in a pair with matching shorts, but no, no such luck for me this time.
Anyway, what I wanted to get your opinion on today are the smock dresses. If you are not familiar with the concept, it's a kind of dress that looks best on toddlers, their pregnant mothers, or models. I am kidding, of course (no I'm not). It's been out there for a few years, I think, but only now it has made its way into my fashion-funky heart. Wearing it could be tricky because of the loose fit and (most of the time) extra short lenghth.
I'm all up for trying something new, so I got it anyway. I fell in love with the swan pattern and an unusual-for-my-plain-wardrobe pale green colour. And it cost like 15$ on sale, so why the heck not?

So what do you think? Are smock dresses your passion or your nightmare? Love or loathe? Or neither? Tell me in a comment below (where, as usual, all outfit credits are)!

Have a good day everyone 





The only thing that seems to stay the same from year to year is Moscow weather. Last august I published a post called "August, evening of the summer", which pretty much reflects what's going on now. You know fall is upon you when you start your morning on a balcony with a cup of tea and an occasional cigarette wearing a...winter coat. Okay, of course it got better during the day. But I still got to wear my constant fall staples: a felt hat and Dr. Martens shoes. Which makes me really excited for the cool weeks to come (I promise, theyll be cool in all sorts of ways).
Can't wait to wear knee-high socks, coats, felt hats and ohmygod layers! Too bad summer is ending, though.

Okay, I'll stop myself here and let you enjoy the pictures!
Outfit credits below.