black fur

Sometimes I like to do formal. But in my own way. 
This outfit gives an incredibly chic business attire vibe, and is ideally suited for winter. Thanks to the coat, mostly – this Laroom baby is pure perfection in terms of a) warmth b) chic and c) overall fuzziness factor. Better yet, it goes so well with my bottle-green suit. Total match made-in-heaven!



Luda Nikishina coat

Being a blogger in Russia might be tough sometimes – in a place where winter lasts almost half a year it’s necessary to keep warm, yet stylish. This fuzzy blue coat by Luda Nikishina kind of made me feel like a cookie monster, but at the same time it looked – and felt – like heaven. I toned it down with a unisex ensemble of boyfriend’s shirt and slightly baggy jeans – all in blue hues. Matching metallic accessories give the somewhat too-casual monochrome outfit the twist. Plus, it’s been my lifelong dream to pair an enormous fur coat with some heels – and so I did :)

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Hey guys!

I hope your week's going well. Mine's busy as always, which makes finding time to post even more difficult (and exciting, at the same time). What I would like to share with you today is my favorite fashion show held in frames of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in October. Here we go!




Hey guys! Here's a little video of my weekend in Istanbul. KEYWORDS: dondurma, ayran, kokorec, kofte, midye, balik ekmek, kestane, gozleme or, in other words, all I've managed to eat in less than 48 hours.
To me Istanbul is precious mostly because of the street food culture that never ceases to amaze me.
I hope you like the video - I'll definitely need some feedback on that! :) so GO HIT THAT COMMENT SECTION LIKE YOU MEAN IT.



Q: which city have I visited four times in the past year and was still super excited to visit again?
A: Istanbul, of course!
I've had the most amazing weekend there - even though it was a work trip, I tried to get the best of it. So here's me, casually strutting through my fave town in a totally eye-catching purple/black ensemble.
Living in an oh-so-cold country has taught me to seek every opportunity to shoot in weather-inappropriate outfits. This jacket has been hanging around for weeks and now it was like "quit leaving me hanging! i want my dose of spotlight on the blog!" So I had no other choice but to take it with me - otherwise I wouldn't be able to wear it until April, brr. Although whoever said wearing a croptop in rainy Istanbul is fine is an idiot. Oh wait, that was me..




Hey y'all!

I hope you had an amazing weekend. I know I did - on Friday I turned 21! DAMN! There is almost nothing that can hold me back now, and it feels absolutely amazing. I had the best party, too - girls only, wearing their most beautiful dresses, dancing in a pool of glitter and confetti to 90's and 00's music - can a gal ask for more?


Turns out, a gal can. I received the most amazing, thoughtful gifts, for which I'm eternally grateful. I wore a perfect vintage black beaded dress that made me look like a shiny black crow (which, in fact, looked fabulous despite what it may sound). I've torn apart a diamond-shaped piƱata. I've made all my friends stick temporary tattoos on them. (I myself did a full sleeve - which until this day hasn't quite washed off and makes me feel SO BADASS). I've had two sick birthday cakes (both with hashtags on them!). Speaking of which, I even had my own hashtag, LOL! Look it up on Instagram, haha. This night was pure perfection, something that happens maybe once in a lifetime. I feel pretty badass about it. Thus, I am posting a few party pics that I hope you will enjoy. And if you don't, my friends will look you up, hunt you down and make you like them. Because these gals are the best.
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